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Lo Que Quiero Es Fiesta - Maraca

Titel : Lo Que Quiero Es Fiesta

Artiest(en) : Maraca

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Ahi-Nama

€ 17,90


Maraca - ...Lo Que Quiero Es Fiesta!!! Orlando Valle "Maraca".
Yet another masterpiece by the Cuban flautist, who has put out a work that`s mostly that particularly Cuban style that`s part timba and part a bunch of other things, including charanga, and a bit of reggaeton and salsa, all brought together in a seamless way. The pieces are often epic, bursting with episodes, new coros, solos, breakdowns; all of it a miracle of arranging. Since Maraca`s recording with his working band, the dynamics of each piece are always on the move, producing explosion after silence after explosion. Anyone looking for the beauties of timba doesn`t have to look farther than Lo digo yo, sung by Jose Miguel Melendez, that keeps cresting, then backing down, then rising further, occasionally broken by a set of descending chords placed against a rising, almost be-boppish melody; it`s brilliant. And followed by the best use of a reggaeton rhythm I`ve ever heard in Cuban music, making the rhythm seem totally organic (not a word used often with reggaeton) and flexible. The horn section`s amazing, and when Maraca breaks out his flute it`s easy to remember that he`s a virtuoso, the real deal, someone that could share the stage with any musician in virtually any context and not be afraid. This one lives in the cd player, a perfect piece of work.
Highly Recommended. (review by Descarga)
1. Los Feos
2. Lo Digo Yo
3. Me Tiene Enamora`o
4. Guajira Para Mimi
5. Te Lo Llevaste To`
6. Mala Suerte
7. El Verano
8. Descarga Dura
9. Hasta Cuando
10. Sé Que Te Gusta
11. Lo Que Quiero Es Fiesta
12. Guaguancó