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Lluvia Y Fuego - Issac Delgado

Titel : Lluvia Y Fuego

Artiest(en) : Issac Delgado

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 09-2019

Label : Tropix

€ 19,99


LLUVIA Y FUEGO, 2019 release van Issac Delgado.
2019 marks the release of Issac Delgado’s 16th studio album (with Lluvia y Fuego) and his nearly 3 decades as a . Interviewed recently for a popular Cuban website, Issac says of this newest recording that it “was made with love.” A mix of Cuba’s infectious rhythms, tributes to iconic crooners Benny Moré and Cheo Feliciano, sparklingly crisp arrangements (including one penned by Delgado’s son Issac Jr), and guest appearances by Gilberto Santa Rosa, Alexander Abreu, Pedrito Martínez and Alain Pérez, the recording is a blueprint of the classic Issac Delgado sound: highly melodic and lyrical, with plenty of catchy hooks and electrifying grooves to keep you moving.
1. Lluvia Y Fuego (4:27)
2. Amor Legible (4:21)
3. Devuelveme El Coco (3:13)
4. El Que Siempre Sono (feat. Gilberto Santa Rosa) (5:23)
5. En Nuestro Amor (3:50)
6. Medley Pa Cheo Oriente Cita a Las Seis (5:16)
7. En Cada Despedida (4:04)
8. La Mujer Que Yo Amo (4:05)
9. Tan Solo Un Dia (3:29)
10. Medley Pa Benny (6:08)
11. Amplitud De Amor (feat. Alexander Abreu) (4:09)