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La timba pa´ to el mundo - Timbalive

Titel : La timba pa´ to el mundo

Artiest(en) : Timbalive

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : Latin Power Enterprises

€ 16,90


2e album uit 2011 van Timbalive, Cubaanse groep uit Miami
1. Llego Mi Pasaporte
2. Tu Sabes Que Yo Se
3. Sopla Mi Trombon
4. Me Gustas Puchi
5. Mujer Buena Mujer Mala
6. Vive La Vida
7. Ra Ra Ra
8. Se Quema Timbalive
9. Arriba Se Goza Mas
10. La Chica De Alto Voltaje
11. Salsa Vitamina
While many Reggaeton artists from Puerto Rico are swaying away from the genre, timberos have embraced it and are not letting it go. On their sophomore release, TimbaLive has infused reggaeton in practically every song.
With party songs like "Llegó mi pasaporte" and "Mujer buena, mujer mala," it will for sure appeal to a younger hip demographic. However, the songs that have no reggaeton are the clear winners here. "Me gustas Puchi" with a smooth vocal delivery by Yezi and slowed tempo make this a welcome addition.
Then there`s "Vive la vida" at a break neck speed, where vocalist Boris is joined by Mayito Rivera of Los Van Van. Each line is delivered with precision, power and `guapería` wishing this song lasted 20 minutes. A must have.
It seems that reggaeton has made a permanent imprint in timba bands and depending on your taste it’s a good or bad thing. But as long as they can still deliver songs like "Vive la vida" there will be no complaints (at least from me). (Salsapower)