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La Receta - Cuban Beats All Stars

Titel : La Receta

Artiest(en) : Cuban Beats All Stars

Genre : Cuba, Reggaeton

Medium : CD

Jaar : 02-2015

Label : Timba

€ 19,90


Ex-Orisha Ruzzo met nieuw project.
Up to the breakup of the band in 2009, the ORISHAS were global megastars and to date the most successful hip-hop band from Cuba.
Now, a majority of the original formation has reunited. Under the name of Cuban Beats All Stars (CBAS), the band took on board the brilliant fellow musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer, Roemer Pinatel. And at present, the former songwriter and rapper, Ruzzo, and his four band mates are at work to further develop there Sounds, which will some maybe remind at Orishas.
Thus this musical journey is about to enter a new episode! The audience may anticipate an exciting blend of authentically Cuban and traditional sounds, with genuine instruments, mixed with electronic sounds and samples and coupled with fat urban and electronic beats. A unique fusion of old and new music. The band also draws on musical elements from beyond their own national boundaries, and accompanies its tracks with a stirring rap that covers social issues and the various cultures.
1. Cubañol (3:26)
2. Back Benny (3:31)
3. Rap Con Songo (4:06)
4. La Cuerda (3:48)
5. Razón (4:04)
6. Do Coração (3:53)
7. Lágrimas Rojas (4:16)
8. La Nota (4:00)
9. La Crisis (3:35)
10. Yemayá (3:18)
11. La Receta (3:15)