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La Maquinaria - Los Van Van

Titel : La Maquinaria

Artiest(en) : Los Van Van

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : Egrem

€ 19,90


2011 album van Juan Formell y Los Van Van. La Maquinaria is a fitting title for the new Van Van recording: they have become a machine. While they are monsters in a live setting, their recordings for the past couple of years have felt like they are just phoning it in.
The title track, the remake of "Recíbeme" and "La bobería" sound a little slower compared to everything else that`s coming out of Cuba. However, like every Van Van release, there are always gems to be found. "Final" (with Alexander Abreu on trumpet) and the other remake on this recording "Eso que anda" are the songs that swing the hardest. Both sung by Robertón.
Then there`s Mayito Rivera. Apart from singing the two most interesting and best cuts in this recording ("Mis santos son ustedes" and "Control", this release is significant because it`s the last recoding of Mr. Rivera as a Vanvanero (collectors item?). He has embarked on a solo career.
While Mayito`s departure is a sad one, his replacement - the electric Mandy Cantero - might bring a new energy and youthfulness to the band.(review Salsapower)
1. La Maquinaria
2. Recí­beme
3. Que Tiene Ese Guajiro Que
4. Mis Santos Son Ustedes
5. La Boberí­a
6. Eso Que Anda
7. Control
8. Un Año Después
9. Yo No Le Temo A La Vida
10. Final