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Knock Out - Bamboleo vs Manolito

Titel : Knock Out

Artiest(en) : Bamboleo vs Manolito

Genre : Cuba, Videos

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2006

Label : BIS

€ 17,90


DVD+CD Manolito & Bamboleo - Knock Out
Knock Out is, by far, the best live modern Cuban dance concert DVD we have come across to date (2005). It took seven camera men (yes, seven) to capture the intensity and heat of this milestone show. Recorded live in September of 2005 at the Teatro Karl Marx, Knock Out brings two of Cuba`s heaviest dance bands, Manolito y Su Trabuco and Bamboleo, together in an event that gave the audience something to tell their grandkids about.
Billed as a heavyweight battle between two boxers, the DVD opens, hysterically, with Manolito and Lazaro Valdes donning their boxing gear and stepping into the ring - er, stage. What happens next is more powerful than a punch in the stomach by Mike Tyson: untethered heart stopping timba-salsa born by fusing the two mega-band`s powerhouse musicians and gorgeous singers into one bone-crunching unit.
Individually these two bands are steel-riveted army tanks, but together ...well let`s just say there`s nothing like it. Valdes and Manolito go head-to-head on their respective keyboards, piling notes and montunos on top of one another: making each other smile with their fiery chops. The audience, dancing and singing with the band, was completely and justifiably intoxicated as they soaked in numbers like "Todo Lo Bonito," "Tu Me Dijiste Mentiras," "Marcando La Distancia," "Ya No Hace Falta" and "Locos Por Mi Habana."
This is modern Cuban dance music at is best: complex, driven, and almost overwhelmingly sexy. Lazaro Valdes takes the opportunity to front-line his two new secret weapons: Tania Pantoja Palmera and Yuleydis Olazabál, the stunning women of Bamboleo whose vast vocal powers are matched by their, umm, capacity to gyrate. Other singers of note are Ronnys Lopez, Enrique Castellanos, Sixto Llorente, Ricardo Amaray and Lazaro Díaz.
If that isn`t enough, the DVD comes with a bonus track of the superband performing a pristine, sizzling, version of Manolito`s "Se Rompieron Los Termometros." Comes with an audio CD too. 110 minutes of Cuban musical bliss. Multizone. NTSC. Dolby stereo
1. Opening Bamboleo
2. Todo Lo Bonito
3. Llego La Musica Cubana
4. Chismes
5. Tu Me Dijiste Mentiras
6. No Puedo Estar Sin El
7. No Te Pases
8. Amor Loco
9. Marcando La Distancia
10. Ya No Hace Falta
11. Locos Por Mi Habana
1. Opening Bamboleo
2. Todo Lo Bonito
3. Llego La Musica Cubana
4. Tu Me Dijiste Mentiras
5. Chismes
6. No Te Pases
7. Sueño De Cristal
8. Comunicate
9. Amor Loco
10. Marcando La Distancia
11. No Puedo Estar Sin Él
12. Locos Por Mi Habana
13. Se Rompieron Los Termometros