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Haciendo Historia - Alexander Abreu Havana de Primera

Titel : Haciendo Historia

Artiest(en) : Alexander Abreu Havana de Primera

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Ahi-Nama

€ 19,90


2009 klassiek debuut album van de meest interessante Cubaanse artiest van de laatste 10 jaar: Alexander Abreu met z`n groep Havana de Primera. Deze groep beheerst het hele Cubaanse muzikale spectrum van timba, salsa Cubana, latin-jazz en son op het allerhoogste niveau in een uiterst dansbare vorm. Daarnaast is Alexander is een begenadigd songschrijver, zanger én (niet te vergeten) een waanzinnig goede trompetist.
Waar sommige andere Cubaanse band zich nog wel eens willen verliezen in uitputtende, groovende salsa-timba, kiest HdP voor nuances met variatie.
Alexander Abreu and Havana D`primera do not strictly limit themselves to salsa. Besides traditional Cuban street rythms, there are guajira, cumbia, and guaracha flavors throughout this excellent recording which feature a top notch ensemble of Cuban players.
1. Resumen de los 90 (4:54)
2. Qué Buscas (5:17)
3. Historia verdádera (4:44)
4. Mi Música (5:48)
5. Después De Un Beso (5:11)
6. Vivencias (4:13)
7. Niña Bonita (4:28)
8. Cuando El Río Suena (5:08)
9. Oní Oní (4:33)
10. Confiésale (5:05)
11. Las Cosas de un Amigo (5:23)

Haciendo historia was a rallying cry for the timba troops. The  album`s first track, written and sung by Alexander Abreu, is called "Resumen de los 90s" (`summary of the `90s`) and it served not only to defend the music that had gone before but to  announce what was yet to come. "With Havana D`Primera," Abreu sang, "I`m consolidating Cuban music / Telling the whole world where tomorrow is born – in Cuba!" 

Before he became the founder and musical director of Havana D`Primera, Alexander Abreu Manresa worked his way up through the timba ranks. He started playing trumpet when he was 10 years old and studied music at a small conservatory in his native Cienfuegos. He moved to Havana to study at the Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA). After graduating in 1994, he spent the next six years playing trumpet with Paulo FG y Su Elite and recording with Klimax, Isaac Delgado, Pachito Alonso, Mayito Rivero, Manolín, Los Van Van, Irakere and and too many others to name here. In 2000 he was named Best Trumpet Player of Timba music by the influential Timba.com website. The following year his participation in the compilation La rumba soy yo won him a Latin Grammy award