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Hablando En Serio - Manolito Y Su Trabuco

Titel : Hablando En Serio

Artiest(en) : Manolito Y Su Trabuco

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Egrem

€ 19,90


Manolito Simonet Y Su Trabuco - Hablando En Serio (2006 release)
Manolito seems like a man on a mission, coming off of one of the best releases in years, Locos por mi Habana he hits with an equally as strong Hablando en Serio.
The grooves are intoxicating, mixing new and old styles without abandoning the `we want people to dance` concept. "Comunícate" and "En la confianza" are driven by a harmonious horn section (ironic since Manolito’s roots are in Charanga) while "La raspadura" is pure Timba with the rhythm section trying to shake the foundation you are standing on. New-comer to the group, Lázaro Díaz Casanova fits right in the pocket with this one.
But like any good student, Simonet does not forget his roots. Richard Egües` "Sabrosona" gets the royal treatment here with El Indio showcasing his soneo talent while David Bencomo plays the hell out of that flute. Then there’s Arsenio Rodríguez`s, "72 hacheros pa` un palo" played with such force and vitality it sounds brand new. Here Manolito shows off his black and white keys, ...so sticky!
Once again Manolito Simonet surrounded himself with young talent, making his music sound timeless. This here folks, is serious stuff! (review by SalsaPower)
1. Comunícate
2. Mi amigo
3. Amar…y
4. Sabrosona
5. En la confianza
6. 72 hacheros pa` un palo
7. La raspadura
8. El cantor
9. Hablando en serio
10. Soneando el merengue
11. Sacude la mata