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Gran Diversion - Roberto Fonseca

Titel : Gran Diversion

Artiest(en) : Roberto Fonseca

Genre : Cuba, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 10-2023

Label : Wagram

€ 19,90


1. Yanim
2. Sal Al Malecón
3. Mani Mambo
4. Oya
5. Cuando TÚ Bailas Pa Mi
6. Mercedes
7. Kinka Mache
8. Baila Mulata
9. Oscar Please Stop
10. Osini

Roberto Fonseca`s new album ‘La Gran Diversion’ is a journey through his personal life story in musical form, with spiritual themes, instrumentals and lots of dance. It is an ode to the rich Cuban music of the 1920s and 30s. Throughout the album Fonseca and his superb band move seamlessly through a mix of timeless Cuban rhythms: son, mambo, both Yoruba and congo, infused with jazz, R&B and funk.

The opener ‘Yanim’ is a perfect start – a cool groove which soon breaks out into a tasty cha cha cha, giving Fonseca the chance to dazzle and invite us into his musical world. ‘Sal al Malecón’ is full of melody and twisting rhythm. It sounds like a Cuban classic, although it is another of Fonseca’s own masterly compositions, recalling the great Cuban jam sessions which lit up the Havana clubs back in the day.

What is most notable is that Fonseca now sounds like he is in total command, at home with any style he cares to explore: his beloved mambo (‘Mani mambo’ features a funky vocal in English), salsa (the irresistible ‘Cuando tu bailas pa’ mí’), dreamy slow bolero (‘Mercedes’, after his mother) and the jazz of pianist Oscar Peterson (‘Oscar please stop’)which, apart from being a wonderful homage to the Canadian master, manages to match him note for note. The album concludes with a deep Afro-Cuban theme, strong, proud and full of life.