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Gozando en la Habana - Adalberto Alvarez

Titel : Gozando en la Habana

Artiest(en) : Adalberto Alvarez

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : BIS

€ 19,90


Cubaans muzikale instituut, Adalberto Alvarez y su Son, met zijn 2008 CD, "Gozando en la Habana" heeft weer enkele onweerstaanbare nummers, Salsa Cubana.
Celebrating his 35th anniversary, Mr. Alvarez releases his latest recording "Gozando en la Habana" and there`s only one word to describe it, consistent. He doesn`t stray away from his formula, just like El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, you know what you are getting. However, his writing and arrangements are so solid it never gets boring. The title track starts very slow, a la salsa romantica and by the time the first chorus kicks in, you are trapped in the monstrous groove it becomes. Vocalist Aldo Miranda does a fine job on "Amor de mentira" where he is telling his love interest what a liar she is and throws in a funny line of her lying to him that she liked salsa when in reality she dug reggaeton.
He also sings on the classic "Camina y prende el fogón" a slow, sizzling son montuno where Dorgeris Alvarez on piano and Adam Gómez on trumpet give some tasty solos.
If for some reason you are questioning Adalberto`s musical legacy, check out both his 80`s and 90`s poupurrit and you"ll recognize songs covered from Willie Rosario to La Sonora Poncena
It`s hard to break from a mold or sound that has carried you for so many years but hopefully one day, we"ll see Adalberto Alvarez take a chance and try something outside of his box. Till then enjoy this consistent release by one of the masters of the genre. (review by Salsapower)
1. Gozando en la Habana
2. Amor de mentira
3. Poupurrit de los 90`s
4. Camina y prende el fogón
5. La mania de Caridad
6. Hasta aquí llegó este amor
7. Poupurrit de los 80`s
8. ¿Qué voy hacer si te vas?
9. Aprende muchacho
10. Si no vas a bailar