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Goza Pepillo - Interactivo

Titel : Goza Pepillo

Artiest(en) : Interactivo

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : BIS

€ 9,99


Interactivo are based around five main stars: the pianist, composer, arranger, and bandleader Roberto Carcasses, the singer-songwriters Yusa and William Vivanco, the sonero and composer Francis del Rio and the Poetess and rapper Telmary Diaz..
Yet Goza Pepillo`s melange of progressive-Afro-Latin-funk-rap, full of the flamboyant, good-humoured musicianship we are accustomed to hearing from Cuba`s finest, is hardly indie in style. The album has a life-affirming exuberance that only flags at its more eccentric, guitar-centric moments: for example, on the tricksy cover of I Want You (She`s So Heavy). Songs such as Vivanco`s Cafe ("People leave the island but don`t get what they hoped for") are bitter and sweet. Pa`que Enamore (Azucena y Girasoles) and Palabrara are upbeat and melodic. And where some tunes hark back to older Latin-pop gestures, rapper Telmary - deadpan and beguiling - brings us right into the present, as on Quién te Dijo?, where she and Carcasses declaim that "capitalists are walking around, disguised as socialists".
1. Palabrara (5:30)
2. Ce-lame como ayé (5:56)
3. Café (3:53)
4. No money (5:09)
5. Pa`que enamore (Azucena y girasoles) (4:01)
6. We`d be together (4:30)
7. ¿Quién dijo? (5:54)
8. El sol en Leo (5:16)
9. Sube (5:11)
10. Si no llego a mañana (que no cierre el club) (5:22)
11. Si tu supieras (Mara) (4:54)
12. Los revolucionarios (4:48)
13. Escriba y lea con las Tubular Bells (4:33)
14. I want you (She`s so heavy) (5:00)