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Gasolina de Avion - Timbalive

Titel : Gasolina de Avion

Artiest(en) : Timbalive

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2016

Label : Latin Power Enterprises

€ 16,90


Gasolina de Avion from Timbalive, very strong timba from 2016.
1. Todo Lo Que Tu Quieras (3:54)
2. La Farandula De Miami (feat. Los 4) (5:43)
3. Me Gusta La Calle (4:20)
4. Gasolina De Avion (feat. Descemer Bueno & Kola Loka Negue) (4:30)
5. Amores Extraños (4:38)
6. Baila Rumbero (feat. Maykel Fonts) (5:10)
7. La Suegra (4:41)
8. Duplicandote La Diosis (feat. Roberton) (4:58)
9. Sale Pa La Pista (4:45)
10. Llename De Besos (4:45)
11. Welcome To Miami (4:16)
12. Gasolina De Avion (1:13)
"Gasolina de Avión" with super song writer Descemer Bueno and "Todo lo que tu quieras" mix Pop, Reggaeton and Timba to perfection. Dancer extraordinaire Maykel Fonts lends his vocals to the hard hitting rumba, "Baila rumbero". Los 4 lend their guapería on the timbafied "La farándula de Miami", while Roberton of Los Van Van swings on the sticky, groove heavy "Duplicándote la dosis".
Timbalive demostrates that no matter what structural changes the band goes through, their aggressive fusion Timba style is here to stay.(by Salsapower)