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Fresquecito - Elio Reve

Titel : Fresquecito

Artiest(en) : Elio Reve

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : BIS

€ 17,90


Elio Revé Jr. Y su Charangón - Fresquecito (2008)
Taking over his deceased father`s group, Elio Revé Jr. has consistently, for the past five years, released great material and "Fresquecito" is no exception.
Every song is a winner, hitting you over the head with gems about the band`s history (the title track), groupies calling all the time (El Teléfono) and lending money and not getting it back (El Dinero). Every song is delivered with heavy doses of trombones and powerful vocals. But nothing compares to "El Jonrón" where Dagoberto and special guest Roberton of Los Van Van go at it improvising with verbal delirium, making this a party just waiting to happen. Then there`s "A Sancochar Boniato" a song that starts out as a rumba (reminiscent of their older hit "Rumba Caliente") and then goes into a sticky son with Pachy Jr. executing a monster piano solo.
Wherever Revé Sr. is, he must be smiling, dancing and proud of the music his son has created. This is a perfect example of taking something old and making it new without losing that naturalness, that beauty. (review Salsapower)
1. Fresquecito.com
2. El Teléfono
3. El Dinero
4. El Martes
5. La Viuda
6. Ya no te doy mas na`
7. El Jonron
8. Vamos a bailar Changui
9. A sancochar boniato
10. No le pegues con el pie
11. La madrugada