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Fin del Juego - Tirso Duarte

Titel : Fin del Juego

Artiest(en) : Tirso Duarte

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2007

Label : Envidia

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Fin del Juego van Tirso Duarte, top 2007 timba release op Envidia.
The hardest working man in Timba, Tirso Duarte, returns with a sizzling release that pushes the ever-evolving musical scope of Cuban music. Here reggaeton is present but don´t worry, it´s not a distraction, but a plus.
"La Madre Mia" and "Olvida la pena" have rapping, but it`s more like a singing rap, making them sound hip and different. There`s even a Rumbatimbareggaeton thing happening in "El chino chulo".
While bragging can be a turn off (only a few artists can pull this off: Candido Fabré and Cano Estremera come to mind), Tirso`s best songs on all of his releases are the ones where he`s spitting fire at others and/or boasting why he`s the best and this release is no different. "El asesino" is an example of an artist in all his glory just dropping science on how he basically owns Timba and no one can mess with him, and of course, this is backed up by one of the stickiest grooves this side of honey. Smoking!
At age 26 Mr. Duarte keeps growing as a pianist (his tumbaos have a unique signature), and as a song writer (he wrote 6 of the 10 songs on this album). More impressively is that the CD gets stronger with every listen. His bold artistic moves challenge his audience, and make him one of Cuba´s true talents. (review by SalsaPower)
Singer and pianist Tirso Duarte, along with a few others (Michel Maza comes to mind), leads the current pack of modern Timba dance bands in Cuba. Last years Timba Cubana cemented his reputation as a "hard" timba artist who is here to stay. Duarte, who wrote most of the songs for this project, including the sizzling cover track "Fin Del Juego," has an almost instantly recognizable voice -- a combination of nervous urgency and combustible energy -- that mirrors the qualities of Timba itself. It`s a quality that was seen by the leaders of the high profile bands he sang for before going solo: Charanga Habanera, NG La Banda, and Pupy Y Los Que Son Son. He`s made for this stuff.
With bassist Pedro Pablo, conguero Yosvanlys Perez Herrera, trumpeter Frank Padron, trombonist Ulises Benavides, sax player Orestes Valido and others. Highly Recommended. (review by Descarga)
1. La madre Maria
2. Olvida la pena
3. Fin del juego
4. Yo soy tu papi
5. Regálame la silla
6. El chino chulo
7. La cosa más bella
8. El asesino
9. Maldito dolor
10. Ceci