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Estudiando - Pepitin y la Ley Mayor

Titel : Estudiando

Artiest(en) : Pepitin y la Ley Mayor

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Lujuria-Envidia

€ 17,90


Pepitín y la Ley Mayor - Estudiando...!
This 2008 album was the first for Pepitin, singer of Cuban Timba who at the time of recording in 2008 was changing from the bands of Maykel Blanco to that of Manolito Simonet. The album is filled with generic salsa that failed to show Pepitin`s potential.
1. Me LLamo Pepitin (4:11)
2. No Se Puede Dormir (4:14)
3. Ruleta De La Vida (5:09)
4. 4 Gozan Su Dinero (4:43)
5. No Te Detengas (4:11)
6. Todo Se Aclara (4:46)
7. Atizame El Fogon (4:37)
8. Quien Eres Tu (4:30)
9. De Que Callada Manera (4:38)
10. Nadie Baila Como Yo (3:01)
11. Tu Sin Mi Yo Sin Ti (4:26)
"Here`s a novel idea: get together a Cuban band, add a horn section anchored by a baritone saxophone, and let a singer improvise, all done in a Puerto Rican style. And does it work? Sure, really well; Pepitin, (not to be confused with Pupy`s ex-singer, Pepito) a young singer from Manzanillo, Granma, Cuba, puts himself in a role, and backed by an Envidia all-star band, sings his way through pure Puerto Rican salsa, all of it slick and swinging and totally untouched by timba. Go figure; he even throws in "estudiando," in his improvisations, so better to separate himself on the air. And on the air this stuff belongs, a super strong, urgent Cuban update on a classic Puerto Rican sound."