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En Otra Dirección - Arnaldo y la Cosmopolita

Titel : En Otra Dirección

Artiest(en) : Arnaldo y la Cosmopolita

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Lujuria-Envidia

€ 17,90


Geweldige 2009 release van bandleider/bassist Arnaldo Jimenez (ex-Paulito, Issac, Reve) en z`n Cosmopolita. Met hulp van zangers Tirso Duarte, Armando "Mandy" Cantero, Lester Ciarreta Hernandez (ex. Maikel Blanco), en Wilmer Lorie Napoles (Azucar Negra) is dit een van de betere timba releases van recente tijden, die doet denken aan Manolito en Los Van Van. Arnaldo Y La Cosmopolita - En otra Direccion.
On this release Arnaldo enlists the talents of two vocalists that are very familiar in the timba movement. First is Tirso Duarte, one of the most talented timberos of his generation. On "Yo te lo dije mamá", sounding like a typical salsa track with trombones up front, until the coro kicks in and you are immersed in a body of music with all types of curves. On this track Joaquin Oliveros` flute work is outstanding. Then there`s "Eres un virus" where Tirso tells his woman he`s not a computer, he needs to recharge because her virus is taking over his hard drive. Nice play of words makes this a fun track.
While Tirso`s songs were fun and danceable, vocalist Armando "Mandy" Cantero of Pupy y Los Que Son Son fame is all guaperia. Bragging on "La duena de la manana" (a strange title for this song) about his improvising skills, letting you know don`t try and mess with him. On "Tumbao" he pays homage to all who have contributed to keeping the son alive from Ismael Rivera to Elio Revé, making this song a must listen. This is guaranteed pure Cuban flavor excitement for 50 minutes or so>
1. Yo Te Lo Dije Mamá
2. Bateando Como Nunca
3. La Duena De La Manana
4. La Discusión Acabó
5. Dime Donde
6. Tumbao
7. El Tipo Picante
8. No Estoy Solo
9. Eres Un Virus
10. Danzon Martinez