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El Son De Altura - Adalberto Alvarez

Titel : El Son De Altura

Artiest(en) : Adalberto Alvarez

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : BIS

€ 19,90


Adalberto Alvarez Y Su Son - El Son de Altura (2010)
Like a magician who keeps astounding his audience, each new Adalberto Alvarez project achieves a level of beauty and soul that would be rare for any artist to pull out of a hat just a single time. Here`s a guy who, in his fourth decade of recording, has produced dozens of amazing albums at that level. His skillful mix of salsa-son-timba and rumba is well known, and even expected. But what what gets you each time is how pristine each new project is, his his vision disarmingly clear. El Son De Altura is nearly a Cuban music history lesson in disguise, but you would never really think of it that way when listening for listening`s sake. The music Alvarez weaves is so intricately nuanced with the different threads of Cuban flavors that you stop thinking in terms of genres and generations... it just comes off as great music; lush, churning, and bubbling with life and spirits. Yeah, it`s a great dance record, but listen to this record carefully. There are special moments you won`t want to miss. With guests Julito Padrón, César López, Grupo Rumbatá De Camagüey, and legendary pianist Frank Fernandez who, accompanied by Maria Victoria Rodriguez and Dorgeris Alvarez, completes this project with a live interpretation of the beautiful bolero "Canción para Mamá Rosa." (review by Descarga)
1. Linda Santiaguera
2. Tu Falta De Ortografia
3. Vete
4. El Melón
5. Quién Será Mi Amor
6. Bailando En La Tropical
7. Mi Cancion Para Ti
8. No Soy El Mismo De Ayer
9. Dos Mujeres
10. Entre La Rumba Y El Son
11. Canción Para Mamá Rosa