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El Rey de los Charangueros - Charanga Habanera

Titel : El Rey de los Charangueros

Artiest(en) : Charanga Habanera

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2007

Label : Planet

€ 17,90


David Calzado Y Su Charanga Habanera - El rey de los charangueros, 2007 release on Planet Records. The Cuban version from this CD on Egrem is called ¡Se Acabó El Mundo Mañengo!
Here on his new release David Calzado and company try both. On the opening track "El Rey", the Charanga Habanera talks about how rough it has been to stay afloat against all the newcomers but they are still here. As their trademark goes, the song starts off very slow building to a volcano about to erupt. However, some of the missteps in following trends are apparent on songs like "Me palpita" sounding more Ricky Martin than NG La Banda. Also, "El canón" goes into reggaeton territory that shows that even CH is not immune to this trend.
Lucky for us, songs like "El duro" returns them to the humor and fast paced songs that have made them "la orquesta de los coros" ("the band known for its choruses") making this one of the best songs they``e done in awhile.
When Calzado and company try to follow they come up short, when they stick to their formula, ...while it`s nothing new, they are still ahead of their competition and that`s a testament for David Calzado surrounding himself with talented individuals. (review by Salsapower)
The album, recorded for an Italian label, starts out with the tough "El Rey," rattles with all the energy of the great Cuban band`s highly specific sound, its timba brand. Part of the group`s individuality comes from the boy band aspect of its sound, with a bunch of young voices taking the lead vocals. As usual, the miracle of their arrangements, the stuttering rhythm section dropping accents in the least predictable places, is completely in order. And on El Rey De Los Charangueros, the recording captures some of the band`s wall-of-sound, the baseball bat to the forehead quality of the band. The unity of the sound (with the exception of the voices, which are way up in the mix) relegates all the instruments to the same importance at times it’ll almost seem as if there are two bands and two ideas competing on each track, one, the band itself, hard, unstoppable, and two, the singers. Anyway, another slice of genius, hard, hard timba dance music from Havana this might actually be the band`s best recording. Highly Recommended. (review by Descarga)
1. El Rey
2. Un hombre como tu
3. Me palpita
4. El expediente
5. Dime quién
6. Mentirosa
7. Chico caramelo
8. Ella pone la Habana en pie
9. El Duro
10. El Canon
11. Final