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El Nené - Sur Caribe

Titel : El Nené

Artiest(en) : Sur Caribe

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2014

Label : Egrem

€ 17,90


Ricardo Leyva y Sur Caribe Nené is the title of this record which marks an important moment of the work carried out by the orchestra on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. It is a daring proposal given that it includes different musical genres that range from autochthonous to foreign pieces.
Sur Caribe brings good music with this album, which offers an exquisite selection of genders that include conga (which is very close to the work by the band), cha cha, son, merengue, salsa and timba.
In order to achieve the right balance and to avoid too much pretentiousness, Leyva relied on the support of very close friends for recording the album. Sur Caribe Nené includes María Ochoa, sister of Eliades Ochoa, singing ¡Que viva Changó!, a song immortalized by Queen Celina González; Sixto Llorente “El Indio”, for the first time recording with the band, with the song Un chance, also with Jorge Laliebre flutists from Van Van; 90-year-old percussionist known as “El niño de Bauta”; guitarist Lázaro Perovic, cello player Lester Monier; violist Alejandro Junco; and violinist Irvin Frontela, who is also a member of theTren de la Música Cubana.
1. Habaneros (4:20)
2. Tu Dolor (4:06)
3. Pensando en Eso (3:32)
4. Por el Agua (4:50)
5. Locote, Locote (3:32)
6. Un Artista (4:03)
7. Un Chance (3:37)
8. Caballota (3:38)
9. ¿Qué Quieres? (5:31)
10. De Donde Soy (4:08)
11. ¡Que Viva Shangó! (5:23)
12. Caja de Sorpresa (5:29)
13. No Estoy Solo (3:22)