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El Ciclon de la Habana - Charanga Habanera

Titel : El Ciclon de la Habana

Artiest(en) : Charanga Habanera

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : Planet

€ 15,00


David Calzado Y Su Charanga Habanera - El Ciclon de la Habana, 2005 CD
A return to form, and not a minute to soon. Here are a few tracks of pure Cuban genius, the profound timba of "El Ciclon De La Habana," "Fanatica," "Soy Yo," along with plenty of deep groove dance music. As usual, Calzado and Charanga take on the street, with stories of damn women who leave the singer for another, are into designer duds and on and on. Calzado has changed his tempo a bit, leaving the frenetic behind; check out the medium, all-night swing of "Hit Parade" and "Mala Chica." Things pick up with "Esta es mi Charanga," which works with what might be called a pan Caribbean rhythm, a near cumbia. The singers, as usual, are magnificent, soaring over the background and coros, Ciclon`s a record that"ll stay stuck in the CD player, and even might make it on a play list or two, if politically possible. It`s the real deal. (review by Descarga)
1. El Ciclon De La Habana
2. Hit Parade
3. Chica Mala
4. Esta Es Mi Charanga
5. Ninita De Farandula
6. Soy Yo
7. Fanatica
8. Apiadate De Mi
9. El Contrato
10. Chera Mia
11. Dejame Entrar
12. Pintate Los Labios Maria