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El Callejon de los Rumberos - Yoruba Andabo

Titel : El Callejon de los Rumberos

Artiest(en) : Yoruba Andabo

Genre : Cuba, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1994

Label : Ayva

€ 15,90


Cuban rumba y guaguanco van YORUBA ANDABO.
This here is one of the best rumba CDs you`ll never hear. Yoruba Andabo are on fire from the first cut to the last. Their blend of densely layered improvisational rhythmic patterns with languid vocal harmony leaves one breathless. They throw in a couple abakua songs for good measure (one of which starts off as a guaguanco tribute to the revolution, you know, straight party line), but the rumba tracks are where they really crank the heat...yambu, columbia, guaguanco, guarapachangueo...cuban folkloric music continues to evolve, and yoruba andabo are at the vanguard. Pancho Quinto (of Yoruba Andabo) and Conjunto Clave y Guaguanco are 2 other artists in this vein that merit a listen.
1. Soy Todo
2. El Callejon De Los Rumberos
3. Perdon
4. Enyension Ekama
5. Columbia Andilanga
6. Y Ya Se Formo El Rumbon
7. El Breve Espacio
8. Taiwiri
9. Protesta Carabali
10. Cantar Bueno
11. Maria Rafaela
12. Chano En Belen