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De Que Estamos Hablando - Elio Reve

Titel : De Que Estamos Hablando

Artiest(en) : Elio Reve

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : BIS

€ 15,00


De qué estamos hablando - Elio Revé y su Charangón, top timba release 2010.
No need for a long review, no need to explain how the rhythms of this recording will raise the dead, no need to discuss that this is the best trombone section in Cuba today, no need to breakdown each song since every song is a winner, or mention how the different vocal styles of each member compliments and brings something unique to each song especially now that they added a female vocalist, I am not going to mention all the special guests that are performing on a couple of songs and remade some of Revé`s older material, and maybe I should not tell timba lovers all over the world that this is the CD of the year, even though it is. (review SalsaPower)
1. ¿De qué estamos hablando?
2. Niña relájate
3. Mi amiga Chichi
4. Ya sé cantar, ya sé bailar
5. La nueva explosión
6. Open de door
7. Matanzas tiene la llave
8. La boda en bicicleta
9. Agua pa` Yemayá
10. La reclamación del Changüí
11. Elegía a Elio Revé Matos

Dagoberto Vázquez: Vocals
Pascual Matos "El Sinsonte": Vocals
Emilio Frías "El Niño": Vocals
Special guests:
Chucho Valdés: Piano
Pancho Amat: Tres
Luis Manuel Mirabal "Guajiro Mirabal"
Changüí­ de "Pipi en Yateras"