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De La Timba a Pogolotti - Cesar Pupy Pedroso

Titel : De La Timba a Pogolotti

Artiest(en) : Cesar Pupy Pedroso

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2001

Label : DiscMedi

€ 12,90


"De La Timba a Pogolotti" is het eerste solo (2001) album van ex-Los Van Van pianist/composer/bandleider Cesar PUPY Pedroso.
Cesar Pedroso, in his first effort since his departure from the history-making dance band los Van Van, comes onto the scene with a bold record, and a bold sound. Both in personnel and in musical voice, Pedroso has not distanced himself very far from the VV camp, with bandleader Juan Formell acting as executive producer, and a groove very reminiscent of Changuito and their songo days together. The lead vocalists tend to sound mature to a point of tiredness, and seldom match the energy of the ensemble. Pupy would incorporate some younger, more vigorous vocal talent in projects to come, but the current cast seems to be keeping things on the laid-back side. Similarly, the horn and string writing sounds more suave than killing. The first and last album Pupy would record for the timba label, De la Timba a Pogolotti shows some promise, but is a far cry from the revolutionary, trail-blazing insanity of his future projects as leader of los Que Son, Son. This record will probably be seen in the future as the beginning of an amazing group, not the actualization of an amazing group
1. Ya Tu Campana No Suena (6:08) (canta Angel Bonne)
2. Habla Claro Camara (7:25) (canta Eduardo `Tiburón` Morales)
3. Disculpeme Senora (6:23) (canta Raúl Planas)
4. Ese Huevo Quiere Sal (4:17) (canta el flautist Jorge Leliebre)
5. Parece Mentira (5:21) (canta Angel Bonne)
6. Me Falta Un Ano (5:10) (canta Pio Leiva)
7. Rico Timbalero (4:21) (canta Raúl Planas)
8. El Bate De Aluminio (3:47) (canta Eduard `Tiburón` Morales)
9. Tu Quisiera Ser La Fiera (6:10) (canta Miguel A. Rapsal)
10. Homenaje A Ma` Y Pa` (5:11) (solos: Julio Padron, Indio Sanchey, Rolando Marron)

Cesar Pedroso, known as Pupy, was for many years piano player with Los Van Van. `Los Que Son Son` (as we know the group today) features a truly all-star group: Jose Luis "Changuito" Quintana on timbales, Tiburón Morales, Pio Leiva, Raúl Planas, and Angel Bonne on vocals, Manual Labarrera on percusion, Adalberto Avila on bass, Julito Padrón on trumpet.....The list goes on. There`s no crowd noise on this semi-live recording, but each track fades in and out and this board mix turned out excellent. Solid live timba from one of its iconic leaders.