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CubanoCubano - Yumuri Y Sus Hermanos

Titel : CubanoCubano

Artiest(en) : Yumuri Y Sus Hermanos

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : BIS

€ 12,90


Hoogst energieke, heerlijke Salsa Cubana uit 2009 van zanger Yumuri Valle op z`n CD "CubanoCubano". Yumuri heeft een aan Oscar D`Leon klinkend stem geluid.
That`s one talented Cuban family, the Valles, and between Yumuri and Maraca, it covers some ground. Yumuri, a fine pianist and singer, has always had his eye more focused on the salsa world than on the timba world of Cuba. He makes fantastic straight-ahead salsa that fits perfectly on play lists around the world, from Madrid to Caracas to Cali, high energy, enthusiastic, and like his brother`s music, meticulous in its arrangements and no fooling in its dance impulse. It`s almost strange to hear a track like Cubano Cubano, celebrating the virtues of being Cuban, set to a piece of music that could have been recorded in Puerto Rico. Yumuri keeps the tempos way up, and varies the rhythms of the tunes — it’s great dance floor music, and well recorded, too. Candido Fabre sings on one tune.
1. Sonero De Puebo
2. Cubano Cubano
3. Corazón Enamora`o
4. Pegaito A La Tarima
5. No Me Niegues Amor
6. Menéalo
7. Sin Presión
8. Un Poquito De Amor
9. Soy El Negro
10. Soltero En Carnaval (con Cándido Fabre)