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Cubano Soy - Candido Fabre

Titel : Cubano Soy

Artiest(en) : Candido Fabre

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Tumi

€ 9,90


Candido Fabre y su Banda - Cubano Soy (Tumi, 2006)
The album opens with a son/conga, rocking, insistent and full of joy. Fabré`s voice, hoarse, like he`s been smoking for the last 40 years, is soon surrounded by a woman`s coro and the party starts. One of the handful of great bands from Santiago de Cuba, Fabré`s group sounds local, and good. It`s country a bit, and not as cool as music from Havana, but it makes up for any loss by its sheer swing and drive. There`s some weird stuff here - he wonders why Celia Cruz never came back to Cuba - but that doesn`t break up the driving forward motion of the band. Highly Recommended. (review by Descarga)
1. El Apagón
2. Cuba Te Quiere
3. Volverás
4. De Cuba Vengo Y Cubano Soy
5. Si Se Arregkara El Mundo
6. El Granmy
7. La Formula
8. Un Tema Para María
9. Aqui­ Si La Gente Baila
10. Por Qué Tú No Te Enamoras De Mí­
11. Tú La Dejaste Ir
12. Fabré Llegó