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Credenciales - Sur Caribe

Titel : Credenciales

Artiest(en) : Sur Caribe

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Egrem

€ 12,90


From Santiago de Cuba, Ricardo Leyva y Sur Caribe is a bit country compared to slick timba from Havana, but the band has something else, a wildness, an originality that isn`t always heard in the big city. Percussion’s way up here, and you can tell that the band is used to playing fast, loud and dirty all night long. When they lock into a tumbao "Sin Papeles No"” the music become hypnotic, the coro misting over the groove; you can see the singer`s eyes rolling up into his head.
Vital new timba-pop release from one of the hippest groups in Cuba. Ricardo Leyva, author and arranger of all tracks on Credenciales, continues to impress with his originality and capacity to orchestrate the best available talent. This band can rock, listen to `Yo Soy Tu Varón` and the party track `Que Sucede Men` a few of the many tracks here that makes you want to see this band live. Liners and stamps of approval and words of praise by Juan Formell, David Calzado, Giraldo Piloto, César "Pupy" Pedroso, Amadito Valdés, Eliades Ochoa and Pedrito Calvo. And they`ve got some credentials. Wth invited guests María Ochoa, Jenisey Valdés Y Jorge Leliebre (Orquesta Van Van) and Conga De Los Hoyos, Santiago De Cuba.
1. Mis Credenciales (4:24)
2. Sin Papeles No (4:37)
3. El Patatún (4:00)
4. Yo Soy Tu Varón (3:04)
5. Don Dinero (4:08)
6. Que Sucede Men (3:21)
7. Muévete Asi Que Tu Queda Bien (3:13)
8. De Mi Corazon Te Quiero Fuera (5:23)
9. Somos Todos (3:10)
10. No Hay Que Darse Un Tire (4:08)
11. Lejos De Santiago (4:40)
12. Quiereme Tu (3:42)
13. Anoranza Per La Conga (4:15)