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Con Sentimiento Mañana - La Rumba Soy Yo

Titel : Con Sentimiento Mañana

Artiest(en) : La Rumba Soy Yo

Genre : Cuba, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : BIS

€ 17,90


CD La Rumba Soy Yo - Con Sentimiento Manana, wederom een zeer geslaagd Cubaans rumba album met uitstapjes.
What a great celebration of rumba and, by extension, the Cuban music experience. This second installment of La Rumba Soy Yo (the first was the acclaimed La Rumba Soy Yo: El All Stars De La Rumba Cubana, 2001) is an inspiring set of tracks that embraces not only rumba in its purest form ”Los Munequitos De Matanzas, for example, but also unconventional treatments like the gospel infused "Hush" sung in english by Liban Humberto Izquerdo.
There`s lots of other forms here though: There`s sizzling salsa Cubana as in the fiery salsa/timba "Hablame De La Rumba" sung by "El Nene" Pedro Lugo Martinez. There`s very well done soulful spoken word poetic material by Telmarys Diaz, laid firmly over steaming rumba rhythms. There`s a nearly ten minute Latin jazz homage to Mongo Santamaria, composed by Chucho Valdes, whose piano virtuosity has never been more lush and mesmerizing than here.
Other participating artists (there are many) of note include Gregorio Hernandez "El Goyo," Bobby Carcasses, and Luis Carbonell, Pancho Amat, Israel Lopez and the brothers Los Papines, who do an amazing job along with Carlos Embale, Adriano Rodriquez and Edesio Alejandro on one of the best tracks here, the hip hop groove "No Mas" a combustible club-ready dance track that pushes the rumba envelope pretty far. It`s great demonstration of how rumba can be used as an evocative, essential tool in contemporary music.
Good liner notes by Miguel Barnet and Cary Diaz. In all, Con Sentimiento Manana comes pretty close to being a masterpiece, and may well be the Cuban release of the year. (review by Descarga)
1. Hush - Libán Humberto Izquierdo (5:25)
2. Hablame De La Rumba - Pedro Lugo Martinez "El Nene" (4:49)
3. Yo Vine Pa ve` - Los Munequitos De Matanzas (4:41)
4. La Rumba Que No Escucho Mi Abuelo - various Artists (4:19)
5. Rumba Pa` Ofrendarle - Telmarys Diaz (3:25)
6. Grammy Pa` La Rumba - Gregorio Hernandez Rios "El Goyo" (5:38)
7. No Mas - Carlos Embale, Adriano Rodriquez, Edesio Alejandro, Ricardo Abreu "Papin (4:42)
8. Homenaje A Mongo Santamaria - Chucho Valdes (9:36)
9. Arenillio - Schola Cantorum, Luis Carbonell (3:47)
10. Mi Coro Armonioso - Rumba Timba (3:57)
11. La Rumba del Scat - Bobby Carcasses, Tambores de Bejecal (5:52)
12. La Rumba - Luis Carbonell (4:32)