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Changüi Homenaje - 45 Años - Elio Reve

Titel : Changüi Homenaje - 45 Años

Artiest(en) : Elio Reve

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2003

Label : Tumi

€ 15,00


Elio Revé y su Charangón – Changüi Homenaje - 45 Años, album 2003 release Tumi Records
One of the many interesting things about this recording is how the modern keeps bubbling up inside older musical forms. The bass lines, breaks and coros sound like timba, even as the tres keeps chugging away and the singers use melodies that are heard all over Havana in dance groups. The record, the second led by Reve`s son, Elio Jr. after the death of his father, is polished with good singing by the group`s four singers. There`s furious percussion by Bernardo Lopez on timbales, who replaces Elio Sr. And plenty of changui; there`s even a bit of accordion (well, probably keyboards) on a tune. Where the band had a loopy, disorganized quality to it before, Elio Jr. has spruced things up and it`s now a tight dance machine, giving the record and non-stop, though relaxed, quality. Cuban dance music at its best. (by Descarga)
1. Amor En Un Día Intercalado (Love On A Day In Between)
2. Changüi Homenaje
3. Así Es Él
4. Lo Que Tu Esperabas
5. Loli O Lola
6. Carlito Buey
7. Entre La Espada Y La Pared
8. Charangon Pa` Rato
9. Changüi A La Loma Del Chivo