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Chanchaneando - Eliades Ochoa Y Compay Segundo

Titel : Chanchaneando

Artiest(en) : Eliades Ochoa Y Compay Segundo

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1989

Label : Egrem

€ 15,00


Eliades Ochoa Y Compay Segundo Cuarteto Patria - Chanchaneando
Cuban-born vocalist and guitarist Eliades Ochoa has a long history in Cuba for having played with so many groups. The same can be said about Compay Segundo who both have been recently thrust into the global spotlight by their participation on `Buena Vista Social Club`. Together with the participation of Cubas greatest Cuarteto, El Cuarteto Patria, they bring some of the greatest son tracks ever.
1. Chan Chan
2. El Cuarto De Tula
3. Descripcion de un sueno
4. Yo Soy de Monte Compay
5. No Quiero Celos Contigo
6. Ahora Me da Pena
7. La Casa De La Trova
8. Alli Donde Tu Sabes
9. La pulidora
10. Pena
this CD is one of the best "Son Montuno/Bolero" recordings i have ever heard !!! no tracks with horns as with the more modern Son stylings- just pure "old style" Son with a grrreat vibe to the music... Compay Segundo really helps Ochoa to sing with a more relaxed feeling & the entire recording is consistently satisfying with it`s singing, it`s guitars & bongos... this CD is just perfect example of the old style Son that should appeal to all lovers of good Cuban guitar...