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Cantos de Ida Y Vuelta - Familia Valera Miranda

Titel : Cantos de Ida Y Vuelta

Artiest(en) : Familia Valera Miranda

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

€ 17,90


Familia Valera Miranda - Cantos de Ida Y Vuelta 2006
Uiterst geslaagde fusie van Cubaanse son met Spaanse gypsy-flamenco. Prachtige son-crossover CD
Santiago de Cuba`s Familia Valera Miranda will be no strangers to the world`s son enthusiasts. This musical dynasty towers high above the world of traditional Cuban music in the region of Santiago, so high in fact that it`s difficult for any changui, bolero, or son musician to escape the shadow that they cast. Singer, tresero, and percussionist Félix Valera Miranda heads the Traditional Music Department of the Santiago Provincial Music Center as well as fronting the family`s musical operation. Since their debut release in 1997, La Familia have produced consistently top-drawer folkloric recordings. The magic in this new record is in its special guests, Gypsy vocalist Antoine "Tato" Garcia and flamenco singer Sabrina Romero. The Andalusian-flavored vocals add a haunting, delicious quality. Cajon, clapas, and guitar reunited with long lost cousins bongo, clave, and tres make for a rich, enchanting listen. La Familia Valera are such accomplished musicians that the foreign elements are welcomed and celebrated. Cantos de Ida y Vuelta is a truly unique, indispensable addition to an increasingly stale genre.
1. El Negro Bembon y el Gitano Anton
2. Sarandonga
3. Sobre una Tumba una Rumba
4. Santa Barbara
5. Luna de Margarita
6. Bilongo
7. Calle Santa Rosa
8. La Guajira
9. La Felicidad en Santiago
10. Lagrimas Negras
11. Nina Pancha -- Habanera
12. Bardo
13. Tremendo Sabor
14. Conga Garcia