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Best Of - Irakere

Titel : Best Of

Artiest(en) : Irakere

Genre : Cuba, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Sony

€ 9,90


Best Of Irakere con Chucho Valdes, opnames uit 1978 mét Paquito D`Rivera en Arturo Sandoval, geremastered in hoge geluids kwaliteit op Sony CD uitgebracht. Afrocuban jazz at the highest standard.
1. Gira Gira (5:43)
2. Claudia (8:51)
3. Ilya (9:17)
4. Añunga Ñunga (6:02)
5. Ciento Años De Juventud (7:47)
6. Aguanile (6:00)
7. Misa Negra (The Black Mass)
8. Adagio On a Mozart Theme (5:44)
9. Xiomara (6:13)
10. Por Romper El Coco (5:22)
Summer of 1978. Irakere`s famous tour of US and Europe. Recordings at the Newport and Montreux jazz festivals were combined for a Grammy-winning release on the Columbia label that put Irakere on the map. Explosive, seriously alive and full of master talent. Cuba`s best kept secret. Most of the songs are in The Best of Irakere digitaly remastered in Columbia Jazz that can blow your stereo and feel and hear some of the most intense jazz you have ever heard. Enjoy