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Barbarito Torres - Barbarito Torres

Titel : Barbarito Torres

Artiest(en) : Barbarito Torres

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2003

Label : Havana Caliente

€ 14,90


BARBARITO TORRES, the stately elegance projected by senior members of the Buena Vista Social Club and Afro-Cuban All Stars was all but shattered when laud (Cuban lute) playing bandmate Barbarito Torres stepped into the spotlight. Arguably the world`s greatest soloist on his instrument, the feisty Torres`s pyrotechnical solos dazzle, even when he plays them behind his back (ala Jimi Hendrix). This self-titled album, the follow-up to Torres`s excellent Havana Cafe, is as just as good as the first, again filled with a jubilant mix songs in the son, guajira, bolero, guaracha, and other guitar-based Cuban folk music styles. The strong base of guitars is well supported by festively upbeat vocals, percolating percussion and understated horn parts, and it`s the fun overall chemistry of these elements that reflects on the leader even more favorably than his solos. Here`s an album that will make you fall in love with Cuban music all over again. <br>
Buenavista Social Club`s "Laudista" Barbarito Torres, second solo album,is definitely his best work, so far. Nilso Arias, Conchita Torres and special guests, Pio Leyva and Omara Portuondo are featured on vocals. The compilation on this CD will delight even the most demanding audiences. Upon listening to it its hard not to get up and start dancing. Barbarito`s version of Buenavista`s "El Cuarto De Tula" is definitely a work of art in which this great artist demonstrates his high skills as an arranger. Very good!
As any fan of the album knows, Barbarito Torres was part of the Buena Vista Social Club crew. Unlike the others, however, he`s kept a relatively low profile -- this is only his second solo disc, and it appears on a small label, without a great deal of fanfare. On the basis of this, he deserves a much larger place in the spotlight. A tremendous player of the laud, an instrument like a lute or mandolin, he produces stunning solos on every song (just listen to his highly sophisticated work on "Sonero De Monte Adentro," for example, where he slides in and out of the band, adding a whole other dimension to the piece, and taking it all a notch higher), while giving plenty of room to others in the most unselfish manner. A virtual tour through Cuban styles -- with plenty of emphasis on son -- this gets to the music`s guajira, or country, side, while still offering plenty of depth. His soft take on "Perla Marina" takes the song in a very different direction than the Buena Vista Social Club version it is effortlessly lyrical, and a showcase for Torres` glistening talent, while "La Compasra" teams him with pianist Chucho Valdés for a duet that manages to be rooted in tradition and is effortlessly daring at the same time. It`s a marvelous piece of work, the kind that makes you hold your breath to hear if they can really pull it off -- and they do, in fine style. While the duet is different from the rest of the disc, it never feels out of place -- and it`s a testament to the virtuosity of both men. This is an album to recommend without reservation. (All Music Guide) <br>
1. El Ruisenor del Guateque <br>
2. Bailando Bonito <br>
3. Yo No Me Voy del Canaveral <br>
4. Amarrala <br>
5. A Buscar Mi Amor <br>
6. Sonero de Monte Adentro <br>
7. El Quichi Quicha <br>
8. Te Espero en el Jardi­n <br>
9. Mi Son <br>
10. El Bacanero <br>
11. Perla Marina <br>
12. Francisco Guayabal <br>
13. La Comparsa <br>
14. El Cuarto de Tula <br>