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Barbarisimo - Frank Emilio Flynn

Titel : Barbarisimo

Artiest(en) : Frank Emilio Flynn

Genre : Cuba, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1997

Label : Milan

€ 9,99


This album was originally released in `96 and is being reissued with improved digital clarity by Milan. Barbarisimo finds the legendary Cuban pianist Frank Emilio Flynn with Miguel Angá Diaz and "Changito" on percussion, Orlando Valle on flute, Carlitos del Puerto on bass, and Enrique Lazaga on guiro and claves.
Though the first tune, "Gandinga, Mondongo y Sandunga," is clearly rooted in the rich musical traditions of the Cuba, the remaining tunes are a mixture of jazz and, on occasion, classical music. Tunes like "Midnight Theme," "Scheherazada," and "Zapateo Cubano" deceive with their knowledge and joyful execution of all three genres. This approach often finds the group encompassing several possibilities: several avenues to explore. From a musical point of view, this is a blessing, as it does not lock the listener into the often predictable and incessant beats of Latin jazz. Instead, we`re allowed to wonder and access this rich musical tradition through a variety of channels. There is the gentle melody of "Hacia Donde," the free jazz-like sensations of "Encuentro," the folk feel of "El Manisero" and "Tony y Jesusito," and the percussive powers of "Leungó."
As the album progresses, each song becomes a possibility, a new opportunity to experience the rumba, the cha cha chá, the mambo, and other Latin styles. Of course, this is dance music and Frank Emilio Flynn and friends never forget to sway the imagination through the hips. Barbarisimo is infectious and imaginative, a great album in `96 and a greater and clearer treat today.
1. Gandinga, Mondongo y Sandunga (7:14)
2. Midnight Theme (4:56)
3. Scheherazada (4:31)
4. Zapateo Cubano (2:01)
5. Los Amigos (5:50)
6. ¿Hacia Dónde? (2:12)
7. Mambo In (5:10)
8. Encuentro (2:10)
9. El Manisero (3:13)
10. Tony y Jesusito (5:32)
11. Mi Ayer (2:54)
12. Social Club Buena Vista (6:01)
13. Leungó (7:30)
totale tijdsduur: 59:14
Francisco Emilio Flynn Rodríguez (April 13, 1921 – August 23, 2001), better known as Frank Emilio Flynn, was a renowned Cuban pianist. Despite being blind, he was a skilled and versatile pianist who mastered many forms of Cuban music, from danzas and danzones to filin, descarga and Afro-Cuban jazz. He was the founder and director of several ensembles, including Loquibambia (1946) and Los Modernistas (1951), both co-founded with José Antonio Méndez, as well as the Quinteto Instrumental de Música Moderna (1958), which later became Los Amigos.