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Bailalo con Mi Salsa - Nelson Manuel y La Corte

Titel : Bailalo con Mi Salsa

Artiest(en) : Nelson Manuel y La Corte

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2012

Label : Cubamusic

€ 9,90


Salsa Cubana & timba. Nelson Manuel and his Band literally broke out again this 2012, with a growing wave of excellent productions.
They started the year with the album “Totalmente Diferente” and the hit “La salsa de Cuba” and now this “Bailalo con Mi Salsa”, which presents a perfectly shaped orchestra, with fresh and vital new vibes. Pure energy for the lovers of Salsa and Cuban Timba. An album to dance all night long!
The new production, released in digital and CD format with Cubamusic Records, presents 11 tracks, mostly new, of great energy, danceable and catchy. “La Cosita”, as promo-track, is already on-air at Cuban radios with immediate success.
More potential hits are “La Dura”, “24x24”, “Lola que bola”, “Movendo el Esquelito”, where Nelson Manuel is able to skillfully move with ease among salsa, timba and merengue, reaching for the limits of reggaeton.
A very good album that brings back “La Salsa de Cuba” as bonus track, authentic success in the last few months, carrying the sound of Nelson y La Corte and the special guests Alexander Abreu and Mayco D’Alma.
“Bailalo con Mi Salsa” ultimately elevates Nelson Manuel y La Corte to be one of the best selected orchestras worth to export the best salsa and timba made in Cuba!
1. La Cosita
2. Moviendo El Esqueleto
3. Que Reoja
4. 24 X 24
5. Fallaste
6. La Dura
7. Lola, Que Bola
8. No Dejo De Pensar En Ti
9. Yo Soy El Que Soy
10. La Noticia
11. La Salsa De Cuba (Feat. A. Abreu Y Mayco)