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Ay, Como Me Sube - El Zorro

Titel : Ay, Como Me Sube

Artiest(en) : El Zorro

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Envidia

€ 17,90


El Zorro - Ay, Como Me Sube, 2008 salsa cubana release from Martin Richard Lehner "El Zorro", featuring Angel Bonne, Mayito Rivera & Roberto Pulido.
The project EL ZORRO, was born on 1995 when the swiss guy Martin Richard Lehner travel to Cuba and met Gustavo El Buda (trombone player). Thanks to the same musical interests of two of them, soon started a friendship which would be the origin of EL ZORRO. On 2002 raise up the idea about a recording with the best Cuban musicians, but it was on 2003 when the first EL ZORRO album was released. It was on 2007 when EL ZORRO released his first album under Envidia Label with the title "Volando". Now it comes their new work entitled "Ay, como me sube", having as a part of it great artists such as Angel Bonne (Van Van, Pupy), Mayito Rivera (Los Van Van), Roberto Pulido (Charanga Forever). .... A production fulfilled with fusions of Cuban music with some funky glances within the contemporary rhythms.
1. Cuarenta Y Seis (timba)
2. El Fenomeno (funky timba)
3. Cumpleanos (timba)
4. Sabes Que (bolero)
5. El Sapo (merentimba)
6. Mi Tierra (cha cha cha)
7. Ay, Como Me Sube (funky timba)
8. La Rumba Te Llama (guaguanco/timba)
9. Yo Le Canto A La Amistad (timba)
10. Noche En Blanco (baláda)
11. Llego, Llego (funky timba)
12. Ay Como Me Sube (remix)