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Aqui Estan los Ases - Los Ases de la Timba

Titel : Aqui Estan los Ases

Artiest(en) : Los Ases de la Timba

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Envidia

€ 17,90


Los Ases de la Timba - Aqui Estan los Ases (2006 release)
What do you get when you put together ex Charanga Habanera singers Tirso Duarte and Michel Maza, ex Charanga Forever singer Armando Cantero and give them to Pedro Pablo ex bassist for both groups? You get the most energetic, frenetic Timba release of the year.
"Aquí­ estan" opens this epic with all three singers taking turns showcasing their particular style. They jab and punch thru this track and when you think you had enough they give you an uppercut, K.O.!
Each singer gets 3 solo tracks and Armando "Mandy" kicks it off with "Sé que vas a cambiar", a tour de force song that`s a bit reminiscent of Pupy y Los Que Son Son (he is still part of that band) but with more edge, more street.
Michel Maza keeps growing and here he continues his progression from his solo releases. "Pa que te dure" has a slow build up that little by little grows and then threatens to boil over.
One of the most talented singer-songwriter and musician in the Timba scene is Tirso Duarte and man, he does not disappoint. "Cuenta con los Santos" is perhaps the fastest, most aggressive track. The song pays homage to the Santeri­a religion making this a frenetic and joyous song while Pedro`s bass playing is going tit for tat with Tirso`s vocals. Oh this is BAD!
Envidia records experimented with different formats and variations, some worked while others didn`t. Fortunately, this time they hit a home run. Every track is strong and while the future of this group is not known, you"ll definitely feel like having a cigarette after this threesome! (review by Salsapower)
The singers Tirso Duarte, Michel Maza and Mandy Cantero give each track a work out, and they`re joined by a fantastic coro that includes Mayito, along with the singers.
1. Aquí­ estan
2. Sé que vas a cambiar
3. Pa` que te dure
4. Cuenta con los santos
5. Tu tin de suerte
6. Las apariencias enganan
7. Estoy cola`o
8. Soy tu pesadilla
9. Echale.com
10. La vecina