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Amarrate - Soneros de Verdad

Titel : Amarrate

Artiest(en) : Soneros de Verdad

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 07-2014

Label : Inakustik

€ 18,90


The hardest working Cuban band (3 releases in less than two years) is back. And while there`s nothing groundbreaking, it is a fun release for lovers of son.
Mayito Rivera participates here more as a guest, than part of the band. Only two songs are blessed with his talents. The masculine fantasy boasting, "Ya le dije a mi mujer" where the more he cheats, the more his woman loves him. And the party starter, "Son de Tom". Both swinging sones but they feel like deja vu, we`ve heard it before.
The true star is the long-time member, Luis Frank or as he`s known, `El Macry`. Ex-vocalist for Orquesta Revé and Irakere, Mr. Frank has found his groove. In "2x2" he gives props and praise to Mayito`s vocal abilities. The title track pays tribute to current soneros living in Cuba and in the process lets everyone know that he can hang with any of them (special guest, 87 year old Guillermo Rubalcaba gives a nice smooth piano solo), the bolero-son "La sitiera" and the feeling (filin) song "Por el amor de una mujer" show Luis`s versatility. He steals the show on the Mayito duet "Vámonos pa` la autopista".
This is a pretty good solid release. While there`s no such thing as too much music, over saturating the market with the same sound, might become repetetive. Let`s see where they go from here. Enjoy it! (review by Salsapower, 2014 release)
1. 2 X 2 (4:43)
2. Vamonos Pa la Autopista (6:23)
3. Ya Le Dije a Mi Mujer (4:49)
4. Amarrate! (3:57)
5. La Sitiera (4:58)
6. Recuerdos del Alma (4:56)
7. Monte Adentro (5:13)
8. Afro Macri (4:47)
9. Gilda (4:13)
10. Las Tunas (4:58)
11. Son de Tom (4:21)
12. Por el Amor de una Mujer (3:49)