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Alma de Sonero - Mayito Rivera

Titel : Alma de Sonero

Artiest(en) : Mayito Rivera

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : Connector

€ 15,00


MAYITO RIVERA - Alma De Sonero (Connector 59916), Released 2013
The former lead singer of Cuba`s venerable Los Van Van is back with the acclaimed Soneros de Verdad orchestra (led by Luis Frank Arias) and a suite of ten lush son, bolero, guaguanco and changüi tracks that cast a new light on the singer who made his career in the timba/songo spotlight. All of the tracks were penned by Rivera, who also handled the arrangements. There`s a lot of Cuban sabor packed into these tracks which include "Rio Seco," "Oye Mi Quinto," "Sin Diana No Hay Guaguanco" and even one entitled "Son Pa` Shakira," a son tribute the pop queen. The album features guest tresero San Miguel Perez and trumpeter Alexander Abreu who contributes a solo on the lovely balada "Lorena Mia."

1. Rio Seco (6:38)
2. Tienen Su Brillo (5:17)
3. Son Pa´shakira (5:14)
4. Sin Diana No Hay Guaguanco (5:09)
5. Lorena Mia (3:59)
6. Tributo (6:36)
7. No Hay Pa´ Nadie (6:20)
8. Oye Mi Quinto (6:39)
9. Recordandote (5:22)
10. Mi Primer Amor (3:20)
11. Rio Seco (Instrumental) (5:50)