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Al Bate - Nico Saquito

Titel : Al Bate

Artiest(en) : Nico Saquito

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1994

Label : Egrem

€ 12,90


Nico Saquito - Al Bate con Eliades Ochoa, mooie son-guaracha uit Cuba.
Originally re-issued on CD around 1993, this new re-issue by EGREM, features a new collectors edition cover, showing the late creator of the Cuban guaracha Nico Saquito, in full baseball regalia. Nico, who`s real name was Antonio Fernandez, played in one of Cuba`s minor league baseball team and his prowess as an outfielder earned him the nickname "el saco" and from there he was known as Nico Saquito. This CD features the very last recordings Saquito made just before his death in 1982. This session was recorded at Estudios Siboney in the city of Santiago de Cuba in Oriente province, where Saquito was born. A Cuban all-star guitars and percussion ensemble, featuring singer, guitarist Eliades Ochoa of Buenavista Social Club fame. Listen as Saquito himself briefly narrates and tells the listener when he composed each song of this compilation of some of his very best compositions. "Al Vaiven De Mi Carreta`, "Me Tenian Amarrao Con P", "Maria Cristina", "Meneame La Cuna Ramon", "A Orillas del Cauto", "Estoy Hecho Tierra", "Adios Compay Gato" and "Que Lio Compay Andres", will delight you and as you hear you might perceive the cuban coffee, tobacco and rum flavor of these cuban old times tunes which have more typical flavor and sound when sung by its creator Nico Saquito.
1. Al Vaiven de Mi Carreta (5:50)
2. Me Tenian Amarrao con "P" (4:50)
3. Maria Cristina (3:36)
4. Meneame la Cuna, Ramon (4:30)
5. A Orillas del Cauto (6:06)
6. Estoy Hecho Tierra (4:52)
7. Que Lio Compay Andres (3:58)
8. Adios Compay Gato (3:42)