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Afro Rumba Masters - various

Titel : Afro Rumba Masters

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Cuba, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Envidia

€ 16,90


Afro Rumba Masters - Tata Güines, Joaquí­n Pozo, Pello "El Afrokan" Jr.  2008 release on Envidia
The current masters of the Afro-Cuban Rumba, Tata Güines, Joaquí­n Pozo, Farinas, Marcelo, Pello "El Afrokan" Jr., Panchito, Papiosko.... gathered for first time in a Studio Recording, coming to show us their artistical skills. The final result is a masterpiece wich posibly will never be repeated.
Tata Güines (who just recently passed away), Pello El Afrokan, Jr., Farinas, Joaquin Pozo, Papiosko, Francisco Pérez and a few more on percussion and a coro that includes Ciso Guanche, Barbaro Lopez, Carlos Amores and others. It`s an Envidia all-star group, goosed by some big names, and the question is, does it work? It sure does, and the ease with which the coro, for instance, often heard on commercial projects, fits into the rumba, shows how connected the forms are. The younger musicians sound good, too, and yet again a rumba recording reminds me how lucky we are to have this music, and that rumba should be more often taken into the studio.
Highly Recommended. (review by Descarga)
1. Desenganado (5:15)
2. Amigo De Que (4:16)
3. La Fiera Humana (4:20)
4. Popurri Rumbolero (5:52) 
5. Las 40 (4:19)
6. Porque Me Envidias Asi (3:55)
7. Mentiras Tuyas (3:10)
8. Por Que Te Queman Los Labios (5:16)
9. La Vi Esta Madrugada (3:10)
10. Por Un Punado De Oro (5:24)
11. En Esta Vida Es Mejor Callar (3:09)
12. Que Es Lo Que Pasa (3:42)