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50 Years Of Revolucion - various

Titel : 50 Years Of Revolucion

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Righteous

€ 5,00


CD ter ere van 50 jaar Fidel Castro in Cuba met 18 nummer, waarvan een aantal uit de late jaren 50 van Cubaanse artiesten. Plus de toespraak uit 1959 van Fidel Castro.
A specially created album celebrating 50 years of Castro in Cuba. Includes 18 tracks by the key acts of the late 50s cut from ultra-rare Cuban pressings. Plus the inaugural speech of Fidel Castro, the Declaration of Habana to celebrate the country’s split from the States and indeed the rest of the world circa 1959. Release 2009 with 59 minutes plauing time.
1. Fidel Castro - "La Declaration De Habana"
2. Tuma Da Gafiera - "Jarro Da Saudade"
3. Cuarteto D`Aida - "Oye Mi Ritmo"
4. Djalma Ferreira - "Carnaval - Mulata Assanhada - Voce nao Quer Nem Eu"
5. Cuarteo D`Aida - "Profecia"
6. Justi Barreto - "Otro Coco"
7. Justi Barreto - "Nostros Los Hombres"
8. Turma Da Gafieira - "Tumba-Le-Le"
9. El Gran Fellove - "Como Usted"
10. Cuarteo D`Aida - "Totiri Mondachi"
11. Djalma Ferreira - "Concerto De Outono"
12. Djalma Ferreira - "Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce"
13. Turma Da Gafieira - "Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce"
14. El Gran Fellove - "El Yoyo"
15. Justi Bartreto - "Batanga No. 4"
16. Cuarteo D`Aida - "No Se Que Voy A Hacer"
17. Turma Da Gafieira - "Foi A Noite"
18. Cuarteo D`Aida - "Ya No Me Quieres"
19. Turma Da Gafieira - "Nao Diga Nao"
20. Fidel Castro - "A Word From Our Sponsor"
A tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution – and a sweet little set that starts and ends with spoken bits from Fidel Castro, yet also includes lots of classic Latin grooves in the middle! Some of the work here predates the revolution, which might make it subject to false consciousness – but overall, you can`t deny the hard-wailing, sharp-grooving quality of the cuts – even though some of the tracks seem to be more in a Brazilian vibe, too – with lots of heavy batucada-like percussion
Issued more or less 50 years after Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, this compilation might open and close with excerpts from his inauguration speech. Yet it seems in at least some ways less a testament to his lengthy regime than a monument to the music that was popular in the country just before he and his followers overthrew the government. While it`s vexing that the brief liner notes say more about Castro and mid-20th century Cuban politics than they do about the actual music the CD contains, it`s apparent that the music dates from around the late `50s, though at least some ballpark details should have been supplied, even considering that the 18 tracks were taken from rare Cuban pressings. Getting beyond the irksome skimpy documentation, the sounds themselves are quite invigorating, reflecting a time when the influence of American pop and jazz held much stronger sway over the island`s sounds. But the material`s far from imitative; those pop and jazz influences are absorbed into Latin sensibilities that are distinctly Cuban, producing music with an explosive and spirited blend all its own. From this remove, some of the combinations seem almost tongue in cheek, though it was likely business as usual: Djalma Ferreira uses ghostly organ to back chipper ensemble vocals on "Carnaval -- Mulata Assanhada -- Voce Nao Quer Nem Eu," and El Gran Fellové has some lounge lizard-cum-Louis Prima in him. In a more straightforward vein, you have the effervescent big band swing of Turma de Gafieira; the vivacious Andrews Sisters-ish harmonizing of Cuarteto d`Aida, set to cha-cha beats; and Justi Barreto, who delivers intoxicating, slightly sly `n` devious Cuban jazz that will find favor with those who like Dizzy Gillespie`s dips into that idiom. The common denominator is that there`s joie de vivre, élan, or whatever you want to call spirited, exhilarating music in the language of your choice. And though it might satisfy the collector in us all to know more about these acts and the records from which the cuts were selected, you`re not too likely to come across them, or their like, on other CDs in such concentrated quality.