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Cuba Y Puerto Rico Son - various

Titel : Cuba Y Puerto Rico Son

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 11-2015

Label : Banco Popular

€ 19,90


De jaarlijkse `kerst/oud-en-nieuw` release van Banco Popular (Puerto Rico).
1. Puerto Rico - Isaac Delgado / Juan Pablo Diaz
2. Quizás, Quizás, Quizás - Pedro Capó / Cristal Founrodona
3. La Negra Tomasa a.k.a. Bilongo - Alexander Abreu & Havana D`Primera / Pirulo y la Tribu
4. Te doy una canción - Cultura Profética
5. Cachita - Charlie Aponte / Aymee Nuviola
6. Los dias de Gloria - Pablo Milanés / Buena Fe
7. Vámonos pa`l monte - Misa E`Gallo
8. La Maza - Roy Brown / Diana Fuentes
9. Las fiestas de las Navidades - LimiT - 21
10. Cruzando Puertas - Vivanativa
11. Oubao Moin - Tito Auger / Ivette Cepeda
12. Guantanamera - Yibaro
13. Rumba en Navidad - Jose Nogueras
14. Las Manos del Campo - Damno Van
15. Soy Borinqueno - Hermes Croatto
16. Mambo no.5 (instrumental) - Ninjas

Banco Popular, the largest banking institute in Puerto Rico, offers it`s public to perpetuate the musical traditions of Puerto Rico and Latin America with the brand new collection titled, Cuba Y Puerto Rico Son.
This album is about the things Puerto Rico and Cuba have in common culturally and features artists like Ruben Blades, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Marc Anthony and more.
A tradition began in 1993 that celebrates it`s 23rd edition this year. Known as the Banco Popular music special musical, the special is a gift Popular (the largest banking institute in Puerto Rico) offers it`s public to perpetuate the musical traditions of Puerto Rico and Latin America. This collection has featured local and international artists with the caliber of Ruben Blades, Juan Luis Guerra, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Juanes and Marc Anthony among others.
In addition to promoting our traditions, these music specials serve as a platform to support, through the sale of the CD and DVDs, the organizations, schools and communities sponsored by the Banco Popular Foundation. Proceeds are donated to organizations that promote music education among our children and youth.
The 2015 musical production is about the things Puerto Rico and Cuba have in common in musical, cultrual and physical terms. A journey through the beautiful landscapes of Cuba and Puerto Rico will transport the viewer to both countries to enjoy both music and unique landscapes of both Caribbean countries. The special shows not only iconic places, but unique collaborations among Puerto Rican and Cuban artists performing together for the first time to delight audiences with musical arrangements that are innovative and different.
As part of this new production, viewers will also enjoy one of the songs played by Cultura Profética in their first and only concert, so far, on Cuban soil. The group`s performeance of the song "Te doy una canción" (I Give You A Song) in the particular rhythm style that characterizes the band makes a very special collector`s piece.
Salsa also has it`s special place and what better way to show it than with the talent of several renowned performers from both countries, including Pirulo and his Tribe with Alexander Abreu & Havana D`Primera, Charlie Aponte together with Aimee Nuviola and singer Isaac Delgado joining Juan Pablo Diaz
This special makes the reality of a musical union of both countries a historic moment.
The special: Cuba and puerto Rico

The music special Cuba and Puerto Rico has a seperate DVD (11 tracks) which presents 57 minutes of music and interviews that reflect the musical similarities of both islands. (regio code 1 !)