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Cosa Nuestra - Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe

Titel : Cosa Nuestra

Artiest(en) : Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1971

Label : Fania

€ 11,90


1971 album Willie Colon & Hector LaVoe. Remastered from the analog master tapes. 12-page booklet + bonus pictures.
2010 Codigo Music - 2016 Wagram Music. Thanks to the hits “Che Che Colé”, “Juana Peña”, “Te Conozco” and the bolero “Ausencia”, with “Cosa Nuestra” Willie and Héctor achieved the most sold LP in their then nascent record career. The Latin people eagerly awaited the next album. And with “La Gran Fuga” (“The Big Break”), released the following year, they continued their course to conquering the salsa universe.
1. Che Che Colé (3:30)
2. No Me Llores Màs (5:35)
3. Ausencia (5:10)
4. Te Conozco     (4:55)
1. Juana Peña     (5:37)
2. Sonero Mayor (4:57)
3. Sangrigorda (4:14)
4. Tu No Puedes Conmigo (3:30)

Willie Colón`s first masterpiece benefits from the inventive arrangements of Colón and "recording director" Johnny Pacheco, plus the most precise, intricate group playing heard from any second-generation salsero leader. And Hector Lavoe`s vocals are probably his best on record, opening with the brisk, catchy, effusive "Che Che Cole" and "No Me Llores Mas," but extending through slower material like the magisterial "Ausencia." Highlights are literally all over this record, also including the playful, piano-driven "Te Conozco" and the deft "Sangrigorda," which features an amazing sneering trombone line. Featuring musicians as brutal as the hitman on the cover and some of the smoothest vocals of any New York salsa LP, Cosa Nuestra is not only Willie Colón`s first masterpiece, it`s his best. (All Music Guide)