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Ciudadano Del Mundo - Cesar Chino Perez

Titel : Ciudadano Del Mundo

Artiest(en) : Cesar Chino Perez

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2007

Label : CCP

€ 15,00


Ciudadano del mundo = Citizen of the World (2007 release)
Top SALSA album van deze muzikant (trombone en zang) uit Venezuela die al geruime tijd in Duitsland woonachtig is.
The beautiful new release by César Chino Pérez has depth of musicality and raises salsa closer to art than formula. In his first release since the 2004 Amigo Incondicional, the Venezuelan trombone player chose to sing on a number of tracks. His deep masculine voice, striking when first heard, is as much comforting as authoritative. And with arrangements by top talent like Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Ray Santos, and Ricky Gonzalez you might assume that at least some of the project would be worthwhile, sight unseen. Pérez recorded the bulk of this project in New York with the assistance of some of the city`s finest musicians: Ricky Gonzalez on piano, bassist Rubén Rodríguez, percussionists Roberto and Luisito Quintero, trombonists Reinaldo Jorge and Luis Bonilla and others. Vocally, Mr. Pérez is joined by Osvaldo Fajardo, Orlando Blanco, and Javier Plaza, fellow Venezuelan bandleader who both penned and sang the track "Dame Dos." Ciudadano del Mundo is a first-class, premium quality project that should be at the top of your list. Pérez decided to end the project with an interpretation of Dizzy Gillespie`s "Groovin` High," a Latin jazz track arranged by the esteemed Alberto Naranjo, another Venezuelan bandleader with years of experience.
He has played with Trabuco Venezolano, Dimension Latina, Naty y su Charanga, Los Melodicos...and this is his 2nd Salsa Album, recorded in New York and Bonn with help from pianist Ricky Gonzalez.
1. Guanteca Rica (5:54)
2. Dame Dos (4:03)
3. Perdóname (5:09)
4. La Azuquita (4:39)
5. Bolero Medley (5:34)
6. Sr. Salsa (4:35)
7. Te ers lo que manda (5:59)
8. Ciudadado del Mundo (5:23)
9. Groovin` High (5:44)