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Cita Con La Luz - Yuri Buenaventura

Titel : Cita Con La Luz

Artiest(en) : Yuri Buenaventura

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Universal

€ 15,90


Op z`n 2009 album Cita Con La Luz horen we een andere kant van Yuri Buenaventura met iets minder salsa en meer mooi luister liedjes met een licht swingende ondertoon.

1. La Hamaca De La Noche
2. La Cita
3. Caminamos
4. No Lo Puedo Recordar
5. Te Fuiste
6. No Pasa Nada
7. Si Tu Estas Aqui
8. Vuelo
9. Como La Maleza
10. Se Me Fue La Vida
11. Amor Eterno
12. Valle de Rosas
“Cita con la luz” is Yuri Buenaventura’s fifth album in twelve years. This time, the songs breathe tranquility, easing off on the accelerator - more chic than shock, revealing more about himself then he has done in the past.
The album’s twelve tracks (plus a hidden one) were essentially recorded in Yuri’s native Colombia, in Bogota, and, for the first time, Cuba. Much more than just a salsero, Yuri confirms his talent as an all-round singer with styles ranging from jazz to ballad… and even forays into hip-hop and folk, the result of his more audacious partnerships.
Hidden somewhere on this album is a bonus track with a provocative title: `Los Cobardes (The Cowards)`, an incitement to… let go and enjoy a descarga, a Latino jam session. Its ten minutes and builds into a frenzy, led by fiery Cuban drummer Horacio El Negro Hernandez, a postscript to remind us that Yuri Buenaventura’s last album’s “salsa dura” is still part of his heritage