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Chano Pozo`s Music - Gerardo Rosales

Titel : Chano Pozo`s Music

Artiest(en) : Gerardo Rosales

Genre : Salsa, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : Challenge

€ 15,00


Gerardo Rosales Afro Cuban Jazz Quintet - Chano Pozo`s Music, 2011 release
Gerardo Rosales` Afro Cuban Jazz Quintet speelt Chano Pozo`s muziek met een nieuwe sound en een nieuwe visie.
Chano Pozo is one of a handful of Cuban percussionists who came to the United States in the 1940s and 50s. Other notable congueros who came to the U.S. during that time include Mongo Santamaria, Armando Peraza, Francisco Aguabella, Julito Collazo, Carlos Vidal Bolado and Modesto Duran. Pozo moved to New York City in early 1947 with the encouragement of Miguelito Valdes, and participated in a recording session with Valdes, Arsenio Rodríguez, Carlos Vidal Bolado and José Mangual. In September 1947 he featured with Dizzy Gillespie`s Big Band at Carnegie Hall and subsequently on a European tour. Their notable material includes Cubana Be, Cubana Bop"" (written by George Russell), and ""Tin Tin Deo"" and Manteca (song), both co-written by Pozo.
1. Cubana Be, Cubana Bop
2. Manteca
3. Guarachi Guaro
4. Tin Tin Deo
5. Congas Legendarias (Medley)
6. Son Montuno a lo Chano Pozo (Medley)
Sangre Son Colorá - Seven Seven - Cómetelo To` - El Pin Pin
7. Rumbas a lo Chano Pozo (Medley)
Ave Ma ría Morena - Si No Tiene Swing - Anana Boroco Tinde - Ya No Se Puede Rumbear
8. Guarachas de Chano Pozo (Medley)
Parampampin - Nague - Arinanara
9. Blen Blen Blen - ¿Por qué tú sufres?
10. Timbero, la timba es mi­a