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Bueno Y Mas - Guayacan Orquesta

Titel : Bueno Y Mas

Artiest(en) : Guayacan Orquesta

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Sony

€ 25,00


2010 CD van dit salsa instituut uit Colombia, staan nog steeds garant voor steen goede composities, arrangementen met hoge dansbaarheid factor.
Guayacán, one of Colombia`s most beloved salsa orchestras, returns with their first new release since their popular 2005 X-tremo. This project, a perfect blend of party-ready tracks, will not disappoint. It`s got salsa wizard Alberto Barros on trombone, and guest singers Chegui Ramos and Josue Rosado, who add volatility to an already fine stable of singers: Yan Collazo, Win Perea and Mauro Gomez. Violinists Dagoberto Gonzalez and Dagoberto Gonzalez Jr. give some of the tracks a smokin` charanga feel. Compositions by producer Nino Caicedo and keyboardist Alexis Lozano. The band, formed by Lozano in 1983, has staying power.
1. Carro de Fuego
2. El DJ la Salsa y el Regaeton
3. Extrano tu Amor
4. Mujer de Carne y Hueso
5. El Mas Rico Beso
6. Amor Humano
7. Tenaz Luchador
8. La Mas Bella
9. Como Una Hoguera
10. Vestido Bonito
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