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Back To The Road - Sonora Poncena

Titel : Back To The Road

Artiest(en) : Sonora Poncena

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : Pianissimo

€ 17,99


Pure klasse salsa swing van Papo Lucca`s Sonora Poncena op deze 2004 release Pianissimo Records. 13 tracks, 66 minutes playing time.
Standaard hoge kwaliteit van dit salsa-instituut uit Puerto Rico. De band van leider/pianist Papo Lucca met sophisticated salsa-tracks als "Caprichosa" (compositie van Adalberto Alvarez) en bewerkingen van Kurt Weill`s "Mack the Knife" en de latin-jazz standaard van Horace Silver`s "Nicas Dream".
1. Caprichosa (4:53)
2. Pensándolo Bien (3:38)
3. Gracias Señor (7:22)
4. Con Maña Si (5:46)
5. De La Mata Son (3:50)
6. Lejanía (4:34)
7. Como Mangó (6:10)
8. Mack the Knife (8:04)
9. El Alacrán (5:28)
10. Cenizas (5:27)
11. Verde Luz (4:13)
12. Con Tres Tambores Batá (5:08)
13. Nicas Dream (6:20)

Pure swing, and a ton of salsa class. Papo Lucca takes on a few Cuban tunes-Adalberto Alvarez`s "Caprichosa," Manolin`s "Lejania," Pancho Amat`s "El Alacran", Kurt Weill`s "Mack The Knife" makes an appearance. Horace Silver`s "Nica`s Dream" shows up as does a Christian tune praising God. And it all swings deeply in a way that seems almost lost, that sort of deep in the pocket groove that just makes you feel good. Lucca`s solos-listen to him splinter time and color on "De La Mata Son"-are up to his high standards. The arrangements, with lots of breaks and bass-piano lines, function like the intelligent dance music that this is.