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Back To The Classics - Johnny Cruz

Titel : Back To The Classics

Artiest(en) : Johnny Cruz

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Tiffany

€ 16,90


Top 2006 New York Salsa album "Back To The Classics" van timbalero Johnny Cruz met hele waslijst aan gasten en top vocalisten.
Capitol "S" salsa dura production that enlists top-choice vocalists Adalberto Santiago, Ray Sepulveda, Frankie Vazquez, Ray Bayona, and Jose "Cheo" Medina. Bronx-born timbalero Johnny Cruz, who fronted his own charanga band for fourteen years, studied at the East Harlem Music School with Johnny Colon, the Fania All Stars, Nickey Marrero and "Little" Ray Romero. With Back To The Classics, Cruz hand-picked some solid gold salsa cover tracks like the Bobby Valentin hit "La Boda De Ella," Eddie Palmieri`s "Nada De Ti," Ismael Miranda`s "Ahora Sí" and "Pá Bravo Yo" and Adalberto Alvarez` "Hipocrecia." Each track is a pure salsa dura gem, handled with respect and infused with swing and a heck of a lot of sabor. The project is equally impressive for its participating musicians with include bassist Rubén Rodriguez, conguero Eric Velez, trumpeters Nelson Jaime, Pete Nater, and cuatrocero Pepe Castillo. Back To The Basics is a trip well worth taking. In the spirit of Los Soneros Del Barrio or The Spanish Harlem Orchestra ...one listen and you`ll know why these tracks have become the classics that they are. Case in point: Adalberto Santiago`s masterful rendition of the Justi Barreto classic "Un Verano En Nueva York." Wow! And timbalero Johnny Cruz cuts completely loose on this one. A salsa lover`s must-have!
(review by Descarga)
1. El Swing (Canta: Adalbeto Santiago)
2. Tu No Sabes Querrer (Canta: Ray Sepulveda)
3. Hepocrecia (Canta: Frankie Vazquez)
4. La Boda De Ella (Canta: Ray Banona)
5. Ahora Si (Canta: Jose "Cheo" Medina)
6. Puerto Rico (Canta: Frankie Vasquez)
7. Nada De Ti (Canta: Ray Sepulveda)
8. Alejate (Canta: Ray Banona)
9. Pa Bravo Yo (Canta: Jose "Cheo" Medina)
10. Un Verano En Nueva York (Canta: Adalberto Santiago)