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Back To Basics - Edwin Bonilla

Titel : Back To Basics

Artiest(en) : Edwin Bonilla

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 07-2015

Label : Sonic Projects

€ 17,90


2015 album van EDWIN BONILLA met trouwe compaan zanger El Nino Jesus. Meer van hetzelfde (als op vorige albums) maar oh zo lekker. De forumule: Edwin Bonilla is in dagelijks leven vast timbalero/percussionist bij oa Gloria Estefan, maar in z`n vrije tijd vind hij het heerlijk om los te gaan op salsa dura met nadruk op percussie solos...
1. Pa` los Roncos (5:26)
2. El Elegido (5:25)
3. Son de los Compadres (5:09)
4. Como Me Gusta Miami (4:59)
5. La Esencia del Tambor (5:23)
6. Cuba y Puerto Rico (5:25)
7. Subway Blues for Rigo (1:41)
8. Cachao Medley (6:09)
9. La Jungla del Sabor (Jungle Boogie) (4:26)
10. Descarga Pa`l Bailador (5:14)
11. Timbal Sonata 1 (1:19)
12. Timbal Sonata 2 (1:58)

On his seventh release as a leader, percussionist Edwin Bonilla has put together the right combination of musicians and singers. He has created a brilliant release.
The party starts with "Pa` los roncos", a swinging number with Edwin taking congas and timbales solos while Jesus "El Niño`s" cuban vocal stylings gives this tune some great guapería. Cheíto Quiñones sings with such passion galloping right along with the rhythm section on "El elegido", while Luis Márquez shows his mastery with his trumpet solo.
The tribute "Son de los Compadres" (to the duo Los Compadres) has a fiery tres solo by Luis Toledo. Roberto Blades of Orquesta Inmensidad fame (and Ruben`s younger brother) swings on the magnificent "Cómo me gusta Miami". Mr. Bonilla shows his guapería on congas on the salsa dura "La esencia del tambor".
With all the issues that are happening in the world today: murder, terrorism, poverty, domestic violence, Donald trump, etc., it`s great to be able to escape for an hour listening to something as satisfying as "Back to Basics". (review by Salsapower)